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Singapore Thailand Malaysia Hong Kong

South-East Asia Calling! Travel to the iconic, cultural and beautiful countries of Singapore Thailand Malaysia Hong Kong on this tour. Be charmed by the sights of Singapore, marvel at the Buddha temples of Thailand, be ready to say ‘wow’ in Read More

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160,751.00 /Person

China Hong Kong Macao

A tour that combines the culture of Far-East with the vibrant cities of South-East! Visit China Hong Kong Macao in this tour and experience the best of both worlds. Admire the iconic Buddha temples, walk on the ‘Great Wall’ at Read More

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156,480.00 /Person

Hong Kong Macao Singapore

How about a journey that lets you experience the exciting cities of Hong Kong Macao and at the same time amazes you with breath-taking landscapes of Singapore? This tour provides the perfect opportunity to explore Hong Kong Macao with an Read More

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114,460.00 /Person

Hong Kong Macao

The amazing cities of Hong Kong Macao together in one fun tour! Discover what it feels like to be kid again at Disneyland Hong Kong and let the city with the maximum no of skyscrapers amaze & enthrall you. Add Read More

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85,000.00 /Person

Hong Kong Macao Shenzhen

A unique travel experience that combines the sightseeing pleasures of Hong Kong Macao Shenzhen! Aptly known as the Pearls of the Orient, these cities embody the traditional, cultural and contemporary values of the modern world. Explore the sights of these Read More

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103,625.00 /Person